Award for luxury Vibes in properties:

High vibrating space of inspiration

This quality award for luxury vibes represents:
Pur and clear energy, natural flow, holistic wellbeing and inner luxury vibes. Highly vibrant, inspiring, enriching and invigorating vibes.

Wellness for body, beauty & business.
Award for Luxury Vibes in Real Estate : High Vibrating Space of Inspiration - from Institute V.I.B.E.S. for Vibrations

A high vibrating Space is relevant for …

Perfect for people and companies who love inspiration, creativity, vibrant beauty, sensuality, development, enhancement and awareness.
Conscious space for inner luxury lovers.
Excellent for energy work, vacations, retreats and successful business.

How to get this Award for your property …

The prerequisite is an on-site energetic clearing, vitalization and refinement by specialists and an inspection and approval by a representative of the Institute V.I.B.E.S.

If the energetic clearing and vitalization has already taken place earlier, the awards „Clear & Pure Living Space” and „Holistic Well-being Space” must not have been granted more than 12 months ago. 

Everything can be done in one go and the „High Vibrating Space” award can be issued directly, which at the same time includes all the preceding seals of approval.

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The first step to getting your property awarded for luxury vibes …

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