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Institute for vibrations in buildings, estate & spaces:

We make the good vibes in properties visible

What does it feel like to have a home, property or living space that radiates a fresh, clear natural energy? Can a house, property or space support the unfolding of your personality, life flow, energy flow and prosperity? Can a building raise your vibration and mood when you are in it? Is a property worth more if it has “good vibrations”?

We have made it our business to perceive and categorize real estate, property, living spaces with regard to their vibration and the sensual & super sensual energy field as well as the energetic impact, influence and inspiration of the inhabitants. So the invisible can become visible and tangible for everyone. In addition to the previous approaches to construction methods/materials, location, energy efficiency, etc., the vibration I energetic radiation is an important innovative quality feature.

Award for Luxury Vibes in Real Estate : High Vibrating Space of Inspiration - from Institute V.I.B.E.S. for Vibrations

3 quality awards

The Institute for vibrations / energetic radiance of living spaces awards 3 different seals of approval / quality awards depending on the vibes of the property / house / estate

Award for Clear Vibes in Real Estate : Clear & Pure Living Space - from Institute V.I.B.E.S. for Vibrations

Clear & Pure Living Space

Energetically cleaned and clarified. Free from heavy distracting or limiting energies. Free from old souls / parts of souls …

Award for Good Vibes in Real Estate : Holistic Well-Being Space - from Institute V.I.B.E.S. for Vibrations

Holistic Well-Being Space

Energetically cleansed, purified and connected with the earth / nature. Integration of natural perfect prosperity.

Award for Luxury Vibes in Real Estate : High Vibrating Space of Inspiration - from Institute V.I.B.E.S. for Vibrations

High Vibrating Space of Inspiration

Energetically cleansed, cleared, connected, refined and shining.
Highly vibrant, inspiring, enriching and invigorating.

Fresh & Clear

Good base for people who love clarity, serenity, peace, holistic health, balance & freedom.

Naturally Perfect

Perfect for people & families who also love harmony, safety well-being, basic trust, inner and outer prosperity, connection and energy flow.

Symphony of Possibilities

Perfect for people and companies who love and / or want to encourage inspiration, creativity, vibrant beauty, sensuality, development and awareness. Space for more receiving, more perception, more knowing and more BEING…. Excellent for energy work, vacations, retreats and successful business.

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